Lily Dubuc

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Lily is new to Boston, having moved here from her home state of California. With degrees in Communications & Marketing and English Literature she runs our social media platforms and designs our marketing products. 

With a passion for creating, an outgoing personality, and fantastic organizational skills, Lily is ready to market your home across all forms of media. 

As a proud member of the Sazama team, Lily is hard working, punctual, an honest communicator, and savvy with media trends. 

Along with her degrees, Lily has experience in travel, sales, brand marketing, and copy writing. Prior to joining Sazama Real Estate, Lily was a Travel Consultant. 


Lily grew up in Lake Tahoe, California. As an avid soccer player, she earned a scholarship to play for Dominican University of California and had a successful collegiate career before transferring to the University of Oxford on an academic scholarship. She still plays in several leagues around the Boston area and travels to England a few times a year. 

To connect with her mention: soccer, traveling, or the book you are currently loving.

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